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Vertical Seam

Edgeco Wholesale Images
Edgeco Wholesale ImagesEdgeco Wholesale Images
Panel Coverage: 12", 16", 18"
Rib Height: 1-3/4"
Standard Gauge(s): 24 ga.26 ga.
Optional Gauge(s): 22 ga.

As a Structural Standing Seam panel, Vertical Seam delivers a clean, linear elegance paired with unmatched quality for a dependable, long-lasting, and beautiful roof. Structural Standing Seam roof systems are ideal for lower sloping and longer spanning roofs, or where extreme temperature variations exist.

Available Substrate(s): Open FramingSolid Substrate
Fastener(s): Standing Seam RoofConcealed Fastened

Standard Finish(es): PVDF (Kynar 500 )MS Colorfast45 Acrylic Coated Galvalume

Minimum Slope Requirement: 3:12/1:12*
*3:12 over Open Framing; 1:12 over Solid Substrate

Other Notes:
Contact Metal Sales for load-carrying capabilities


25-Year Galvalume Warranty
Finish Warranty / MS Colorfast45
PVDF Flurocarbon System Warranty

Available Colors

26 Guage


MS Strongcoat45


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