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The Grip-Rite family of products continues to grow, bringing professional grade innovations to all our product categories. Grip-Rite is the brand you can count on, for every project and on every jobsite. At Grip-Rite, WE BUILD AMERICA with you, every single day.

griprite tools and accessories

Building America since 1975, Grip-Rite is preferred by professionals nationwide and is the brand you turn to when you need to get a job done right. Whether that job is residential or commercial, spanning days or months, we know reputations are built on quality, value and trust.

Edgeco Wholesale Images

Edgeco Wholesale Imagesjam free guarantee

Our collated fasteners are guaranteed to work, jam free in any matching tool

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Edgeco Wholesale Imagestrust not rust

Our Prime Guard Max line is uniquely designed to stand up to the most extreme weather.

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Edgeco Wholesale Imageswe've got you covered

Our Shinglelayment is lighter, longer lasting, and more durable than asphalt options

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